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1) Features

It is a tablet 8-inch size ultrasound tool with switchable probe connector that provides real-time grayscale anatomic and color Doppler blood flow images with touch screen.

It is the preliminary screening tool for you—from patient to patient—within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.

2) Clinical Applications

Anesthesia,Line Placement (CVC, PICC),Pain management,Point-of-Care(POC),Vascular Access,Primary Care,Emergency & ICU,General Practitioners,Urological,OB/GYN,Abdominal,Pediatric Scanning

3) Benefits

1.Detect pericardial effusion, chest fluid or internal bleeding at ER or in ambulance, enabling prompt initiation of treatment

2.View fetus as they grow

3.Detect fetal heart beats

4.Monitor the amount of Amniotic fluid during delivery

5.Find plaque in Carotid, avoid stroke before it strikes

6.Place lines in veins with visual confidence

7.Find nodules in thyroids, livers or breasts during screening

8.Monitor stones in kidneys, gall bladders and bladders

9.Verify bone fractures without X-ray

Portable, Flexible and Optimized Workflow

• Small like phone size for more mobile use.

• Fully programmable touch screen for easy customization

• Different transducers to enable extended diagnosis:

493.comConvex probe
Frequency range:2-5MHz
Application:Abdomen,OB,GYN and so on

Linear probe
Frequency range:5-10MHz
Application:vascular,small parts,muscle,superificial

Transvaginal Probe
Frequency range: 4-9MHz
Application:Viginal,Rectal and so on

Frequency range: 2-5MHz
Application: Cardiology,Abdomen and so on